Next Steps will help you discover the life God meant for you to live and get you involved at Oasis! 

There are three steps in our Next Steps: Welcome to Church, Equip and Team. Each sessions helps create the full program of Next Steps but we want you to get started as soon as possible. So you can start with Welcome to Church or Equip and Team. They are designed so that if you miss one session, you don't have to until next month- simply come to the next opportunity.

Welcome to Church - First Sunday of the Month

At Welcome to Church you will have an opportunity to meet and have lunch with our Pastors, share your story and hear the vision and heart of Oasis Church. Welcome to Church takes place after our 11am service in HQ(ask any volunteer for directions). Lunch and childcare are provided.

Equip & team(Crash Course) - Third sunday of the month

In the Equip and Team sessions of Next Steps you will discover the unique gifting that God has given you and how you can use that to impact the world through the local church. Equip and Team sessions happen on the same night every third Sunday of the month at 5pm. Snacks and childcare are provided. 

Before attending Equip and Team we highly suggest that you take a spiritual gift and personality assessment. After take the assessments, save your results and bring them with you to Next Steps. Click the link below.

Spiritual Gift Assessment | Personality Assessment