you may be asking "why another service?"

To be honest, this is very similar to the question we often get asked "Why another church?" There are many statistics that compel us to such as the rise of suicide rates, addiction and divorce in our city, but ultimately we feel that God has called us to help people experience life. We live in time when everyone is looking for fulfillment but few find it. John 10:10 says that Jesus came so that we could have life to the fullest.


More space in our services

No one likes being crowded, but right now both of our services are filled to capacity. Making it a little tight for those who get a seat and impossible for more people to fit. To us, every chair is an opportunity for someone to experience life change that can only come through Jesus. Adding a service gives us room for 175 more adults to have this opportunity.


More room for kids

Recently we had 34 elementary school students in one classroom. We have trained, background-checked teachers and assistants who work with them but when a class become this big it can make it hard for kids to feel like they are being personally cared for, and we don't want that. Kids are one of our highest priorities at Oasis. We want to continue to provide a loving, safe enviroment for all that attend Oasis Kids. 


More options for full schedules

This is Austin- there are always incredible events happening plus we all have busy lives with work, school, relationships and hobbies. Adding an evening service option allows those who work or have other plans on Sunday morning to still be able to attend church. So grab brunch with some friends, take a nap, then come to church.